According to the report, “Gartner rates passwordless authentication (which includes all varieties of passwordless implementations) as very high mass (a measure of overall breadth of market impact). Demand is directly tied to the nature of the commonality and exploitation of the use of passwords and driven by enterprise need to eliminate them as a common threat.”

“Gartner states that “technology provider adoption of industry standards such as FIDO and FIDO2 lays the groundwork for accelerated future adoption.”

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  • “Work with product marketing to help position their market as selling the “win-win” of passwordless authentication, as it can satisfy users’ demands for simpler authentication and security requirements for stronger authentication.”
  • “Transition to methods for providing passwordless authentication either by offering proprietary or open standard methods of integrations in your applications.”
  • “Authentication products should meet FIDO2 to prepare for future compatibility required for web access.”
  • “Work with product marketing managers to properly articulate the value of open standards support and interoperability”

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Published 17 December 2020
By Analysts Ruggero Contu, Mark Driver, Elizabeth Kim, John A. Wheeler, Nat Smith, Lawrence Pingree, Swati Rakheja

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