Microsoft 365 (the new package of offerings formerly known as Office 365) is Microsoft’s cloud service offering for individual productivity, team collaboration, and enterprise communication, complemented by a set of security and compliance capabilities. It’s a broad offering that’s been widely embraced by organizations across the world.

Microsoft 365 users now make up over half of total organizations who have shifted to cloud services. However, the offering comes with some shortcomings in the areas of security, archiving, backup, data protection, eDiscovery, and other key aspects. Relying solely on the native capabilities in Microsoft 365 can lead to various challenges, such as missed security threats, duplicate efforts to perform eDiscovery across an organization’s data landscape, and the inability to recover accidently deleted data.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • How to improve security, including identity access management and strengthening authentication, in Microsoft 365 with third party solutions
  • Considerations for improving archiving and data backup and recovery in Microsoft 365
  • Weighing cost of ownership when comparing Microsoft 365 Plans E5 and E3

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